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Meet the Staff

Who We Are


Aaron Mills

Owner, CPDT-KA

Aaron worked under a trainer that specialized in aggression and behavioral issues in the Bay Area for several years. This was a very rewarding experience that gave her the specialty she has today. Behavioral work with dogs can range from lack of structure in the home to a fearful or anxious dog who struggles with trusting others. Aaron informs her training by reading the dogs body language and making treatment plans based on their personality and confidence level.


Dog Rehabilitator

Liam is now a 11 year old Lab Pit mix who has his own rehab story. Liam was aggressive with other dogs from the age of 1.5 years old. After tons of training he has become a working dog that is used to rehabilitate other dogs and is a retired service dog. He is amazing with the dogs I work with and it has been a pleasure to see him become the dog he is today.  


Christopher Mills


Christopher is a physical therapist at his day job and helps Aaron with boarding and training and the occasional private session where a dog might be fearful or just need additional people for exposure. Chris is interested in pursuing animal PT in the upcoming years to help dogs with joint and muscle problems due to birth defects, injuries, and the aging process. His skills will make a great addition to our practice!



Prince is a two year old Mexican street dog that has been added to our team to help take some of the load off of Liam. Prince was in line to become a service dog however failed out as he struggles with meeting new people. Prince still has a ton to learn about being a work dog. Prince is learning how to be more tolerant around new dogs and some of their inability to socialize well. Prince also has anxiety around people he doesnt know. So he is in training for that as well.

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